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3 Aug

Hi, I’m Jessie Marie!

(This is an illustration of me Allison Anne of Dear Detective created to go with my article Comic Inclusivity for the Minnesota Women’s Press.)

I took the title of my blog from a book I read in an English Education class. It’s from an interlude where he talks about writing a paper on War and Peace. He wasn’t the type of student who liked to write these kinds of papers, but in this one he got into it and exposed some of his personal feelings about friends that died in the Vietnam war. The teacher returned his paper marked with a D and only one comment, Replace your typewriting ribbon.

I liked the idea of looking for a true connection and being rebuffed. I both related to it, and thought it was darkly funny because it’s such a true sentiment. What happens is so that.

I suppose I started this blog to keep looking for connections, regardless.